Mondrian art, create your own!

31 Mar

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter. His paintings are very famous all over the world. He contributed to the De Stijl art movement and he painted in a non-representational form which was called Neo-Plasticicm.

This kind of art movement or form consisted of a white ground where a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines were painted and colored by the three primary colors.

I am sure you have seen this painting thousands of times:

Mondrian neoplasticism painting

Image from

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Record Player Mug

30 Mar

A record mug player, what a great thing!!

Do you like retro stuff, look at this amazing record player mug. Unfortunately it does not work as a record player but it looks so cool in your hand.

It is not only a record player look but the vinyl also is a coaster, so you can surprise everybody when taking it out.

Orange record player mug

Image from geekalerts

Retro style is a fashion or trend from the 80s and 90s mainly, the word retro means backwards, retrospective, and it is a revival of older but relatively new fashions.

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Angry birds really exist!

29 Mar

Angry birds, probably the most famous game at the moment, it consists of throwing birds (angry birds) using a catapult to demolish structures that have pigs inside. Explaining only what the game is it about it is not enough, you have to play it as it engages everybody into angry birds world.

Angry birds do really exist. You might think that they are only animated birds but there are taken from real life. Have a look at it and we will explain you who is who.

Angry birds, you can play it online as well, on your moviel device, ipad or tablet, try it!! It is adictive!

all angry birds in reality

Image from


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This is how we do it: CMYK colors

27 Mar

Do you know what CMYK colors are? If you don’t you will find out, if you do you might find some tools that can help you.

The CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key -black-) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing. It is related with the four inks used to color print. In CMYK model works masking colors on a lighter, normally a white background. The ink reduces the light, it is called substractive because the ink works substracting the brightness from white.

In CMYK white is the colour of the suport, paper or background while black is the result of a full combination of colored inks. Well, normally to save money on ink, deeper black tones, dark colors are  created using black ink instead of the combination on CMY.


This is the model we use in Camaloon to produce your custom products. If you want to know some tricks and useful tools have a look at what we suggest:

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Meme Rock Mug! We are gonna rock it

22 Mar


You know what? We have done a great Meme mug designed by Camaloon, actually a Rock Meme mug. Have a look at the design, it is cool, isn’t it?

If you want to get one, hurry up, you can get it placing an order for a mug to Camaloon writing the code MEMEROCK and you will get automatically a 10% discount on that designed mug by Camaloon. You don’t need to upload the design we will place it for you. When placing the order it will say that the design is missing but take into account that this last step it is done by our side, so you order is done.

So the only think you have to do is to place the code: MEMEROCK

Meme rock mug Camaloon frontal voew

Image from Camaloon


Meme Rock Mug

Image from Camaloon

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Wedding gifts and invitations ideas

20 Mar

Wedding invitations and gifts might be a bit annoying to think of something different and something useful that people do not throw away after some time.

Here you have some ideas you might like for your wedding gifts and invitations, custom products are now very trendy and they are something special to remember a date or a couple that get married.

See these examples we found:

Wedding invitation using buttons: it can be a colorful invitation, cheap as you can do your own invitation and place the badges in there. And as well the badges can be very useful to distinguish the groom or bride side in the wedding so everybody wears the badge or for the previous hen or stag party.

wedding invitation colour buttons

Image from

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Art is everywhere! Veggie art

18 Mar

Art is everywhere, this is true,a lot of things that you could not imagine can become art with some crafting and imagination. Inspiration is everywhere you just have to find it, open your eyes and look around.

Look what I found: Veggie Art!  Isn’t that amazing? If you open your cupboard in the kitchen you might find your new creation, your new piece of art or inspiration.

Photographs of something beautiful are always a great idea to use them to create a custom product. Have a look at some veggie art and some great photos I found:

World carved in a red apple

Image from


If you want to try it yourself have a look at what we found.

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Typography, amazing ones to create your designs!

12 Mar
Colourful letters and typography

Image from

Typographyis the art and technique of arranging letters  in order to make language visible. The type arrangement involves the selection of line lenth, leading, spaces, typefaces etc…

Typography is performed by typestters, graphic designers, art directors, comic book artists, graffiti artist (link graffiti art), anyone who arranges type for a product.

Before the Digital Age, typography was an occupation but with digitalization opened typography for everybody.

It is very important to choose the right and perfect Typography for every design you make. As you will probably need to do that if your design includes letters or numbers for your custom products in Camaloon.

Sometimes it might look that typography is not very important but can make a design look gorgeous.

Typography it is not only letters, it is design itself, and if you do not believe me have a look at typography art:

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Artists, have a look what your designs could look like!

3 Mar

Artists, this post goes for you. An artist is a person engages in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing arts or demonstrating an art. (Wikipedia)

In Camaloon we make your art come true, you only have to send the design and choose the support where you want it. A photograph, a drawing, a design, paintings, anything…. It is a great idea to spread your art in different supports: mugs, badges, mirrors…

Everybody has a creative site, so let it shine and create your own designs, they will look amazing!

Have a look at what is inside of your brain, I am very sure you will find amazing material to create your stuff.

Left and Right color side of the brain

Image from


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New Timeline in Facebook, take out the artist you have inside!

3 Mar

Always with changes, this is the new everyday life for social networks, new applications, new formats, new options that you have to learn how to use etc…

But this is life…changes I guess, so you have to be up to date if not you expire. Have you seen the New Time Line on Facebook? I am sure you have,  you might not have had the time to discover what the features are but at least you are familiarized with the format.
The new Time Line allows you to have a photograph and a sort of wallpaper as well on your facebook profile. A new feature like this one allows the user to create lots of collages, images, creations etc…

Take out the artist you have inside and try to be unique on Facebook. There are amazing collages and designs that you can use as an example. Browsing around this is what I found, very amazing designs, everybody will be shocked when gossiping around looking at your profile.

Facebook time line designs

Image from:

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